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In Addition to Century Martial Arts we have many other manufacturers that produce the highest quality martial arts supplies.

martial arts suppliesMystic Realms Combat Supply is home to thousands of martial arts supplies that complement any martial artist.  Our online martial arts store can ship your equipment right to your home, office or school.  Do you collect swords and medieval replicas?  Mystic Realms handles show piece, battle ready even reenactment weaponry.  Need or want something a little more practical and useful?  We have many different “carry” knives.  Certainly we carry pocket knives, neck knives, fixed blade, camping and hunting are all available also.

Our collection is always increasing.  Consequently we are constantly increasing and changing our inventory and ways to serve better.  Customer service is first and foremost.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.  Mystic Realms strives to stay knowledgeable and helpful with everything that comes our way.  Martial Arts is our life blood.  A religion for some, a way of life at minimum for most that even visit this site.

martial arts supplies

Above all we want to hear from you. For example are we doing our part at being helpful?  Can you say we are knowledgeable? When you come to this site, are you finding what you want or need?  This information is important to us.  Our strengths to us are just as important as our weaknesses.  With your help we can improve both.

Mystic Realms Combat Supply is a very small company currently.  However, we have access to many different companies.  These companies provide us with an availability of a substantial amount of product.  We are always striving to make available as much as we can to you without damaging the service we provide.  Without a doubt, do not hesitate to contact us if there is something specific you are looking for that you don’t see.  Remember, if you don’t ask we can’t help.

In our contact page email and phone contact are listed.  Please feel free to use either and we will answer your question or concern.  In truth we will answer you as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Most of all, thank you all and enjoy!


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